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The AT Jumpers competed at the 2006 Junior Olympics the week of July 31 to August 1 in Portsmouth, VA. Our Annandale students, past and present, did a great job of repesenting our school and the State of Virginia as you can see!

3rd Individual Overall Megan (individual overall includes speed, power and freestyle events).

12th Individual Overall - Madison

5th Individual Overall - Ian

5th Individual Overall - Lindsey

4th Individual Overall - Taher

5nd Individual Overall - Lindsey

2nd Individual Overall - Michelle

9th Pairs Overall Tran and Megan (2 jumpers combine speed, power scores and perform a two person routine)

4th Pairs Overall Mary and Isabel

3rd Pairs Overall Lindsey and Taher

4th Double Dutch Overall Megan, Tran, Mary and Isabel (combination of 2 speed events, 1 power event, freestyle singles and freestyle pairs events)

1st Double Dutch Overall Taher, Susan, Michelle, and Lindsey.