The AT Jumpers competed in the Canadian/American Speed and Power Championships that were held in Woodbridge, VA this past Saturday the 30th of November 2002.  Here are the results of an excellent competition:


30 second speed

9 and under                           11-12                           ____12-14

6th        Kelly                 3rd        Michelle                     3rd        Lindsey          

5th        Dyne               4th        Susan                          2nd       Taher

1st        Yari                 6th        Kristal                         4th        Phu-Quy         

      30 second power

9 and under                 ___    11-12               -                       12-14

7th        Dyne               6th        Kristal                         8th        Lindsey

6th        Kelly                5th        Susan                          2nd       Taher

1st        Yari                 3rd        Michelle                     4th        Phu-Quy

60 second speed/ power combination

9and under                         __11-12                                           12-13

7th        Kelly                6th        Kristal                         1st        Lindsey

6th        Dyne               3rd        Susan                          2nd       Taher

1st        Yari                 2nd       Michelle                     5th        Phu-Quy

3 minute Endurance

9 and under                          11-12                                             12-13

6th        Dyne               7th        Kristal                        2nd Lindsey

4th        Kelly                4th        Susan                        2nd Taher

1st        Yari                 3rd        Michelle                     5thPhu-Quy

Pairs Events

    2x30 sec. speed

9 and under                       _11-12                                         12-13

3rd Yari /Dyne             7th Mayra /Elizabet                5th Taher /Lindsey

                                    3rd Susan /Michelle   

    2x30 sec Power

9 and under                             11-12                                  12-13

3rd Yari /Dyne             8th Kelly /Melinda                6th Phu-Quy /Kristal

                                   6th Mayra /Elizabet             3rd  Taher /Lindsey

                                   3rd Susan /Michelle   

4x15 Second Speed and Power Combo

9 and under               11-12                                12-13

3rd Yari /Dyne 8th Kelly /Melinda            6th Phu-Quy /Kristal

                       6th Mayra /Elizabet         2rd  Taher /Lindsey

                             3rd Susan /Michelle           


12-14 years old

1x60 Speed

6th        Michelle /Susan /Phu-Quy /Donna

4th        Taher /Lindsey /Tina /Susan

1x60 Power

6th        Michelle /Susan /Phu-Quy /Donna

1th        Taher /Lindsey /Tina /Susan

1x60Speed and Power Combo

5th        Michelle /Susan /Phu-Quy /Donna

2nd       Taher /Lindsey /Tina /Susan

2x60 Second Pairs Speed

5th        Michelle /Susan /Phu-Quy /Donna

4nd       Taher /Lindsey /Tina /Susan

2x60 Second Pairs Power

4th        Michelle /Susan /Phu-Quy /Donna

3rd        Taher /Lindsey /Tina /Susan